Selling at Annie’s:

Consignments are by appointment. Please send us an email message, including photos of your items, to to request an appointment.

  • Our contract term for all merchandise is 60 days
  • Unsold merchandise will be marked down as follows: 15% after 15 days, 30% after 30 days and 50% after 50 days.

This pricing system allows all of our inventory to find an appropriate selling price in a timely fashion.  It also helps create the excitement of shopping at Annie’s!  After the full contract term of 60 days has expired, unsold merchandise may be reclaimed by the consignor within 7 days, unless they wish for us to instead donate the item to a local charity or community member.  Annie’s consignors are always welcome to call us or stop into the store to inquire about the status of their items.

We also offer an online service for our consignors to monitor the status of their items.  The site allows consignors to see what has sold, as well as what is still available for sale.

Annie’s pays consignors 50% of the selling price for all merchandise sold.  We have extensive experience identifying, describing and pricing merchandise so that it sells for the highest price possible, and in the timeliest manner as well.

Buying at Annie’s:

Annie’s does not accept returns/exchanges nor do we put items on hold.  Since every item is owned by a member of our community, it is our responsibility to sell it fast and pay the owner fast.  If we hold an item it could potentially not get sold at the highest price because we could miss a potential sale.  However, we do help with unique or specialize items by letting the potential buyer bring it home and see what it looks like in their home.  We require a credit card number and ask that the item be returned within 24 hours.  Unfortunately, we can not offer this service on all items in the store.  The service usually only applies to rugs and bar stools.

We accept all major credit cards and will also take checks under $500.00 with a manager’s approval.

Pick-up and Delivery:

We offer pick up and delivery services in and around town.  Pricing is per delivery, not per piece, so the more the merrier when it comes to getting items to or from your home.

Estate Sales:

Sometimes, due to time constraints or the sheer volume of items involved, it’s not practical to bring all of a customer’s items to Annie’s retail store location.  That’s where Annie’s Estate Sale service comes in!  We’re fully equipped to run a large scale, professional, fully computerized sale right from the location where the items reside.  From a large garage sale to an entire home or estate, Annie’s is your solution!  Moving out of state and need to sell unwanted items?  Annie’s has you covered!  References available upon request.  Pricing for our service is dependent primarily upon the volume of merchandise and the customer’s time frame, so please contact us for a quotation today!

Other info:

Annie Tisch has a long track record for getting the best price possible on a rare or unique item and sometimes that means selling it outside of her store.  She has an eye for finding the “diamond in the rough”.  Sometimes to find the best buyer she will contact art galleries, auction houses, dealers or use an online service like eBay. Growing up outside of New York City, and having a mother who loved to go to auctions, antique stores, flea markets, and second hand stores, made Annie have this in her blood.  Her first auction was at the age of 2!  Many weekends in high school were spent taking the train into NYC to go to various museums and concerts.  After graduating from St. Lawrence University with a major in Studio Art and Art History she moved to Aspen, Co.  After 4 years there, she moved to San Francisco where she starting working in an art gallery for years and going to the Sausalito Flea Market every weekend.  With a passion for travel and an eye for the unique, Annie has grown into a person that is inquisitive with a passion for learning about things.  Twice she has gone to Antiques Roadshow. One year she was in the feedback both and this year her brother got on the show….it’s a family tradition!  So, bring your items to Annie’s even if you don’t know what you’ve got and there’s a pretty good chance she’ll know what it is or will be able to find out.